Component-based Agent Management and Message Transport


Draft, edited by Bernard Burg


1          An objective for the work plan

The objective of this workplan is to describe the Agent Management and the Message Transport  Specifications under form of components and profiles.

2          The technology and functionality

2.1          Technology

2.2          Functionality

·         Produce preliminary TC B documents

·         Produce components / profiles for TC B documents

·         Cross check documents with TC C and TC E

·         Submit he documents for experimental status

·         Maintenance of specifications 01 and 16

3          The specification generated by this work plan

Agent Management (old denomination  FIPA Spec – 1999 – 1 – 1.03)      

Agent Message Transport (old denomination  FIPA Spec – 1999 – 16 – 1.041)      

4          The plan to accomplish the work

·         Before Feb 15,

·         Produce preliminary TC B documents

·         Before 3 April 00,

·         Produce components / profiles for TC B documents

·         Cross check documents with TC C and TC E

·         Submit the documents for experimental status at the end of the week 3 April week in Lisbon


5          A vision for future work in this or related areas

This work carries out the terms of reference defined in January 1999.  Once these specifications reach the Experimental stage, planned in April 2000, this workplan will go dormant. Several companies have committed to implement the specifications before the end of 2000.

6          An analysis of dependencies on other FIPA work plans, external standards work, industry events, and other factors

The following dependencies have been identified:


1.                    FIPA architecture specification

2.                    FIPA Agent Management 97 98 99

7          A list of FIPA members and other organizations supporting the plan, together with their degree of commitment.

Cselt,                                      Fabio Bellifemine                  Committed

Imperial College,   Stefan Poslad                                        Committed

Fujitsu,                                   Jonathan Dale                                       Committed

Motorola,                              Bernard Burg                                        Committed

Nortel,                                    Phil Buckle                                            Committed

NTT,                                       Kiyoshi Kogure                                    Committed

EPFL                                       Steven Willmott                                   Committed