Message transport


Draft, edited by Bernard Burg



1          An objective for the work plan


The objective of this workplan is to revisit and update the Message transport, add new transport media and message encoding.

2          The technology and functionality


2.1          Technology


2.2          Functionality

·         Addition of new transport media, e.g. HTTP,…

·         XML, WML syntaxes (SL, envelope)

3          The specification generated by this work plan

Update of the Agent Message Transport      


4          The plan to accomplish the work


Start work during Boston meeting, duration of task 9 months.

5          A vision for future work in this or related areas

Future message transport media and syntaxes need to be plugged in a standard manner to provide interoperability.

6          An analysis of dependencies on other FIPA work plans, external standards work, industry events, and other factors

Agent Message Transport

7          A list of FIPA members and other organizations supporting the plan, together with their degree of commitment.


Fujitsu,                                   Jonathan Dale                                       Committed

Motorola,                              Bernard Burg                                        Committed

NTT,                                       Kiyoshi Kogure                                    Committed

Toshiba                                 TakahiroKawamura                           Committed

Siemens                                 Michael Berger                                     Committed

                EPFL                                       Steven Willmott                                   Committed


                Sonera                                    Heimo Laamanen                                  Supporter


Call for proposals


To be completely rewritten


3.2 Message Transport

3.2.1 Introduction

During 2000 FIPA intends to add new transport media, and new encodings and incorparate them into the existing Agent Message Transport.


3.2.2 Topics Normative Topics

·         A Reference Model for Agent Message Transport. FIPA 1999 is interested in developing a generalised transport model that can serve as a reference model for agent message transport. Such a reference model should be modular in construction providing support for multiple transport protocols, encoding/decoding mechanisms, message transport syntax, etc. and should support message transport of ACL messages and arbitrary data.

·         Interface to Agent Message Transport.FIPA98 part 1 version 1.0 defines a two layer interface to the FIPA agent message transport mechanism: An ACL interface in the form of a FIPA management forward action and an :envelope parameter for expressing transport preferences. As part of the generalised transport model these interfaces need to be reconsidered and updated. In this context FIPA requests proposals that will lead to the clarification of the appropriate interface between a FIPA agent and the message transport mechanism.

·         Development of the Letter Construct.The letter construct introduced in FIPA98 part 1, version 1.0 encapsulates two parameters: the :message parameter which contains an ACL message and the :envelope parameter which expresses preferences to the message transport system. In 1999 FIPA will be working to extend the number of different transport functionalities which can be selected through the :envelope parameter.


Optionally, the agent message transport scheme should support security features appropriate to a secure message transport system, such as secure communication channels. Informative Topics

·         An informative annex will group example scenarios illustrating the use of the Agent Message Transport Model,

·         An informative annex will group existing standards and protocols which can be used with the Agent Message Transport Model.