Agent Mobility


Edited by Bernard Burg


1          An objective for the work plan


The objective of this workplan is to revisit and update the Agent Mobility specs of FIPA98.

2          The technology and functionality

2.1          Technology

2.2          Functionality

·         Revisiting the ’98 specifications

·         Assure ordering and synchronisation of old and new platforms

·         Assure effectiveness of the implementation

·         Investigate a way of specifying agent-platform-usable-guidelines for how to handle mobile agents

3          The specification generated by this work plan

New mobility specs

4          The plan to accomplish the work

·         This workplan starts at the  Boston meeting in July 2000, and takes 9 months to reach the stage of preliminary specifications.

5          A vision for future work in this or related areas


6          An analysis of dependencies on other FIPA work plans, external standards work, industry events, and other factors

The following dependencies have been identified (so far):


1.                    FIPA Agent Management 97 98 99

7          A list of FIPA members and other organizations supporting the plan, together with their degree of commitment.


Fujitsu,                                   Jonathan Dale                       Committed

Motorola,                              Ronnie Taib                          Committed

NTT,                                       Kiyoshi Kogure                    Committed

Toshiba                                 TakahiroKawamura           Committed

                GMD                                      Tianning Zhang                   Committed

                U. Helsinki                             Stefano  Campadello           Supporter