Document title Bake-off Work Plan
Document number f-in-00028 Document source Fabio Bellifemine
Document status Submitted to FAB Date of this status 2001/04/05
Change history
2001/04/05 Initial draft

Fabio Bellifemine


Problem Statement:

            Currently there are no explicit guidelines on how to test the compliance of a FIPA implementation to the FIPA specifications. The requirements for FIPA compliance include the fundamental ability for agents to communicate, and for agents to act appropriately for each ACL message received. This workplan aims to form the first set of compliance tests as detailed below. Future workplans are envisaged to extend the coverage of the tests for additional FIPA specifications.



Produce the specifications of the compliance test for the following FIPA specifications:

-          Agent Management specs

-          Message Transport Service

-          MTP for IIOP

-          MTP for HTTP

-          Agent Communication Language Parameters

-          String ACL Encoding

-          Bit-efficient ACL Encoding

-          FIPA-SLO content language


Specifications Generated: 

One FIPA specification describing the compliance test for each specification listed.


Relationships external to FIPA

        Some relationships with agentcities and JAS are expected.


Input documents

The agentcities testsuite document.

The FIPA bakeoff report.


Plan for Work and Milestones:



         All the existing FIPA specifications. In particular, the ACL and its structure, the encodings, the content languages, the interaction protocols, the message transport service and the defined transport protocols, and the agent management.



A significant proportion of the active FIPA membership, that have experience in FIPA implementation, supports this workplan:

         Fabio Bellifemine, Tiziana Trucco (TILab)

         Phil Buckle (Emorphia)

         Giovanni Rimassa, University of Parma

         Simon Thompson (BT)

         Steven Willmott (EPFL)

         Jonathan Dale (Fujitsu Lab of America)

         David Bonnefoy (Motorola Labs)