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Abstract Service Model Work Plan

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Initial Draft

F. G. McCabe


Problem Statement: The Abstract Architecture specification XC00001I defines the core services required for agent interoperability. However, it does not address services in a manner that allows agents to discover and access services in general. This makes it harder to augment realizations of the AA in a manner that is consistent. In addition, the specification does not address the issues surrounding bootstrapping agent systems.

Objective: The main objectives of this work-plan:

1.       Review potential models for services in general (abstract services) in relation to the Abstract Architecture

2.       Develop a specification of an abstract service model

3.       Modify as necessary the Abstract Architecture specification to incorporate a service model.


Technology: The modeling of abstract services is fundamentally analogous to the methodology used in the AA itself


Functionality: The service model specification should indicate

         How services may identified and discovered by agents and other services

         How services may modify their descriptions and how users of services may be informed of changes

         How systems involving modeled services may be bootstrapped


Specifications generated: A modification of the specification FIPA00001 incorporating the abstract service model


Plan for Work and Milestones: The plan is for a 7 month program of work and includes the following steps:

         2001/07 Initiation within a FIPA TC

         2001/10 First draft of service model specification

         2002/01 Experimental version of specification published


The project plan will be reviewed and revised, if and when necessary.



         [FIPA00001] FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification



         Frank McCabe (Fujitsu Labs of America)

         David Levine (IBM)

         Jeff Bradshaw (IHMC)

         Geoff Arnold (Sun)