Document title FIPA Document Policy
Document number f-out-00000 Document source FIPA Board of Directors
Document status Preliminary Date of this status 2000/08/10
Change history
2000/01/27 Complete rework
2000/08/10 FAB consistency editorial


This is an official document of FIPA, the Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents.  Information about FIPA and FIPA documents, including copyright notices, may be found on the world-wide web at


This document defines the policies and procedures for the creation, approval, and management of FIPA documents. It is hereafter referred to as the "FIPA Document Policy". This policy is established to facilitate the evolution of the FIPA specifications, and support the re-use of specification elements.  It is also used to manage other FIPA documents, including submissions, memoranda, minutes, policies, and other informative material. 


This document is divided into the following sections:

Document Name Spaces

There are three categories of FIPA documents: input documents, output documents, and FIPA specifications.

Archival Methodology

Each category of FIPA document is stored in a separate repository, and each has a distinct policy for file naming, approval, change control, access control, and archival.  The precise mechanisms remain TBD, pending website reorganization.