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<<Replace with introduction to the work plan and overview of the area being addressed.>>

Problem Statement: <<Replace with a description of the problem being addressed, including the value of this work plan to FIPA, why FIPA should address this area and benefits to FIPA for standardising in this area. This description should allow both FIPA and non-FIPA members to understand the problem being addressed by this work plan.>>

Objective: <<Replace with a list of objectives of the work plan and a scope of the areas to be addressed.>>

Technology: <<Replace with a description of the technologies involved in the work plan and how they apply to the work plan.>>

Specifications Generated: <<Replace with a list of specifications that are envisaged to be generated by this work plan, in terms of components and profiles. Also indicate here any revisions to existing FIPA specifications that may need to take place.>>

Plan for Work: <<Replace with a description of how work on the work plan is to proceed and how the TC is to operate in terms of when it will meet and how it will arrange itself to work (sub-committees, etc.).>>

Milestones: <<Replace with a list of key milestones, in terms of dates, by which this development of the work plan expects to proceed.>>

Future Work: <<Replace with a description of the future directions this work plan could develop into and its benefit or ramifications to FIPA.>>

Dependencies: <<Replace with a list of internal (to other FIPA specifications) and external (to other bodies of work and standards bodies) dependencies. Include details of the impact of this workplan on these dependencies, for example, will this work plan require modification to any FIPA specifications, will this work plan generate any input that can be fed to external standards bodies, etc. Also, describe any dependencies with other work plans.>>

Support: <<Replace with a list of people and organisations supporting the work plan. This list should comprise people and organisation which are willing to commit time and effort to the work plan.>>