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Resolutions of the 19th FIPA Meeting - Sydney, 16-20 October 2000

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FIPA Board of Directors

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Initial draft



Resolutions of the Sydney meeting
October 16-20, 2000.


  1. FIPA recognises the resignation of
  2. Richard Nicol (BT)

and the expiration of the terms of

    Francis McCabe (Fujitsu), and

    Donald Steiner (WebV2)

    as members of the Board of Directors. FIPA thanks them for their valuable efforts in helping FIPA achieve its goals so far.

    Geoff Arnold (Sun),

    Bernard Burg (Motorola),

    Robert Hadingham (Nortel Networks), and

    Kyoshi Kogure (NTT),

    are continuing their terms on the Board of Directors.

  1. FIPA appoints
  2. Heimo Laamanen (Sonera),

    Francis McCabe (Fujitsu), and

    Donald Steiner (WebV2)

    to the Board of Directors as per vote by the General Assembly.

  3. FIPA notes the report of the Board of Directors concerning


Donald Steiner


Francis McCabe


Bernard Burg


Francis McCabe

Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

Rob Hadingham

Chair, Membership and Nominating Committee

Geoff Arnold




Rob Hadingham (Chair)

Nortel Networks


David Levine



Hiroki Suguri










Jan 29 – Feb 02





Apr 02 – Apr 06

Tel Aviv


Sixth Element


Jul 16 – Jul 20





  1. FIPA approves the President's report of the previous year (f-out-000067).
  2. FIPA approves the Secretariat’s report of the previous three months (f-out-000066).
  3. On the proposal of the Finance and Audit Committee, FIPA approves
  1. FIPA appoints KPMG as auditors for the 2000-2001 accounts.
  2. Resolutions of Technical Committees, Working Groups, and Special Interest Groups


TC Agreements Management Resolutions

TC Agreements Management proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions.

  • An initial draft will be created by J. Dale & B. Burg by Dec 15 2000
  • Prior art will be circulated
  • Analysis of bibliography
  • A close tie with TC Architecture will be maintained regarding Domains and Policies
  • It is proposed to develop a Workplan (H. Kitajima) within Ontology SIG



TC Gateways Resolutions

TC Gateways proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions.

- 27 October 2000

- With immediate effect

TC C Resolutions

TC C proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions.

  • Many of the examples were updated to reflect the current syntax of FIPA-SL.
  • The description of the cfp CA was clarified to make clear that this version of cfp is applicable only to single-parameter proposals.
  • The description of the not-understood CA was clarified to include the use of the error message as a SL term.
  • TC C received a proposal by Stephen Cranefield about a new inform CA, and recommended resolving this proposal via content language means.
  • A significant error in the description of the cancel CA was corrected. The interpretation given in the existing formal model was judged by TC C to be the correct one. This error made several of the cancellable IPs problematic (see below).
  • Numerous editorial changes were made.
  • TC C has reviewed the AUML specification. TC C believes that this specification will still require substantial work before being promoted to Standard; nevertheless, we believe that it is appropriate for Experimental Status. TC C thanks Jeremy Pitt for presenting his experiences with AUML.
  • TC C has removed the cancellable versions of the various protocols. TC C believes that substantial elaboration on each IP will be necessary in order to specify all cases that might occur in an actual agent interaction. Real world issues of cancelling actions, asynchrony, abnormal or unexpected protocol termination, nested protocols, and the like, are explicitly not addressed in the current IP specifications. Implementers are invited to specify more complete and robust interaction patterns, and submit them to FIPA for inclusion in the interaction protocol library.
  • TC C requests that TC Gateways consider the impact of the (newly-revised) definition of the cancel CA on the information flow in FIPA-Subscribe.
  • Numerous editorial changes were made to the Interaction Protocol Library Administration document (AUML), and the individual Library elements.

AgentCities WG resolutions

The AgentCities WG proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions:

Special thanks to the following for contributing to an interesting and productive meeting: Laura Bacari, Phil Buckle, Monique Calisti, Jonathan Dale, Alex Dardik, Stefan Poslad, Jeremy Pitt, Lin Padgham, Martin Purvis, Hiroki Suguri, John Shepherdson, Sidi Soueina

FIPA Architecture Board Resolutions

The FAB proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions.

f-in-00011 Query And Inform DF/AMs

f-in-00012 Information Agent Workplan

This is solely due to lack of support by the active membership. No judgement on the technical merit of the work is assigned.

This is solely due to lack of support by the active membership. No judgement on the technical merit of the work is assigned.


Ontology SIG resolutions

The Ontology SIG proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions:


Security SIG resolutions

During this FIPA meeting, the Security SIG has reviewed a range of security-related issues that are related to the work of FIPA. It has identified the scope of work for a future security work-plan, and is drafting a Request For Information (f-out-00065). It intends to use the results of this call to develop a security work plan. It is hoped that initial work on this plan can take place at the Phoenix meeting.

The FIPA Security SIG proposes the following resolutions.

Liaison SIG resolutions

The status of the following external activities were discussed: OMG, FIPA-OS, HMS, PtP, JCP, GRID Forum, DAML, OIL, UDDI, IEEE Upper Ontology.

Significant news includes the following:

The Liaison SIG proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions:

Image Committee resolutions

The status of FIPA's marketing issues was discussed including: promotional devices, articulation of the vision, value statement, logo, slogan, audience, white paper, combined presentation and paper resources, press relationship, market analysis, FIPA book, FIPA game, future workshops and panels. A number of actions have been recorded and the full results of the Committee are available as f-out-000074.

The Image Committee would like to thank Fujitsu, and in particular Jonathan Dale, for extensive work on the new FIPA web site.

The Image Committee proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions:

PtP SIG resolutions

The PtP SIG proposes that FIPA adopt the following resolutions:

  1. FIPA approves the report of the Image Committee (f-out-000074) and the Liaison Notes (f-out-000075).
  2. FIPA thanks the following individuals for participating in and making valuable contributions to the FIPA Workshop:
  3. Name


    Dr. Andrew Lucas

    Agent Oriented Software Pty Ltd

    Dr. Ralph Ronnquist

    Agent Oriented Software Pty Ltd

    Prof. Lin Padgham

    RMIT, Melbourne

    Dr. Adrian Pearce

    University of Melbourne

    Dr. David Kinny

    University of Melbourne

  4. FIPA thanks Motorola and Octagon for offering FIPA excellent meeting facilities and friendly support in Sydney and for hosting its 19th meeting, in particular: Justine Ellis of Octagon, and from Motorola, Bernard Burg, Dave Borth, Nicolas Demassieux, Peter Beadle, and Andrew Portus.
  5. FIPA invites its membership and contributors to the FIPA process to its 20th meeting, January 29 – February 2, 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA to be hosted by Intel.