[Modeling] UN and Agents

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Mon, 07 Apr 2003 14:19:25 +0100

Hello Radovan (and all),

Radovan Cervenka wrote:

> Dear Marc-Philippe,
> > in UN-Solution-Rado1
> > I don't understand the cardinality for member on Figure 1, I thought the
> > cardinality is fixed and cannot evolve
> Aha... I did know it, it was not described in the case study description. OK
> if there are always for instance 16 members, then the multiplicity should be
> fixed to 16 (not 1..*).

That was just an assumption, I believe the number is fixed

> > I don't understand conclusion c) about attaching roles
> I wanted to express that modeling of roles I used in my UN-SC solution is
> little bit semantically "richer". E.g. in your original proposal it would be
> difficult (impossible???) to express that one agent plays several roles in
> one interaction, or that an agent started to play new role while all old
> roles remain, etc. Probably I used wrong or too short formulation, without
> further description.

That's totally true that my description of role is too simple! This is
something I am going to change in the specification as soon as technicians
understand here that I need my access to Word...


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