[Modeling] Re: R: R: [Methodology] Terms for first release of the glossary

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Fri, 08 Aug 2003 09:01:33 +0100

Hello Jim and Massimo,

James Odell wrote:

> Dear Massimo,
> > again I agree in principle but indeed I think that there is a valid
> > reason to mantain almost all the terms I proposed for the first release
> > because they will be probably part of MAS meta-model of the different
> > methodologies and therefore of the general one we will identify. This is
> > the case of terms like desire, belief and intention that although very
> > general they are surely part of some design processes and consequent MAS
> > meta-models. In attach you can find a description of the rational that
> > is behind the selection of each term. Please could you list the terms
> > you prefer not to be in this glossary?
> Instead of this just being me, I will bring it up at the FIPA meeting.
> During the Methodology TC session, we will make the list of terms that we
> think should moved from the Methodology TC glossary to a more general one.
> OK?

I agree with both, actually, in my opinion, if we define a methodology
through this TC, we need definitions because I am not sure everybody shares
the same definition for all the terms, as a consequence, we are sure that if
somebody reads the methodology and the glossary, she's aware of what
definition we take. In other side, I agree with Jim that some terms are
really high-level and the discussion on these ones should involve everybody
in FIPA: the ontology term certainly interests WG on it. Well, to give my
opinion: creating a TC for that should be fine but maybe cumbersome and too
long to take some definition directly usable by TCs. Let's say: we keep
writing definitions and particularly those related to methodologies and
method fragments, as soon as a Glossary TC will emerge, we can move some of
our efforts to it (hence justifying its existence).


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