[Modeling] FIPA Modeling Area document format

James Odell auml@jamesodell.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 08:39:40 -0500

Hi Lin,

> firstly, I think part 1 is a really useful structure for documenting
> and understanding different proposed diagrams and what they are used
> for. With the following section on semantics, I am a bit concerned
> about the very heavy reliance on UML as I'm not convinced this is always
> appropriate - though i agree we should be consistent with it where it
> does fit.

Instead of "reliance on UML" it is "reuse of UML wherever it makes sense."
We do not want to be restricted by UML;  we only want to capitalize on it
where we can.  Does that make sense?  Maybe I should add this "mantra" to
the AUML webpage, as well: "When it makes sense to reuse portions of UML,
then do it; when it doesn't make sense to use UML, use something else."

> secondly, I am wondering how various people (like us) not on the
> assignment list can contribute and participate (without taking on too
> much work :-)?  

Anybody who wishes to actively contribute and participate can join by either
signing onto one or more of the items on the assignment, or propose adding
an appropriate item to the list.  Lin, where should I add you?

> thirdly, I don't really understand the topics or headings on the
> assignment list and wonder what they represent or where they came
> from?  

Yes, you are not the only one who has mentioned this.  Those of us at the
meeting might remember, but those who were not are unfairly disadvantaged.
Modeling TC participants: would one of you write a sentence or two on each
assignment?  I will post it on the web?

Lin, will this help?

Best regards,