[Modeling] FIPA Modeling Area document format

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 14:28:12 +0000

Hi all,

Here are some comments I thought when reading the document:

* In Front matter, I think about adding a field keyword. Usually, they are helpful to
have a first glance of the content of the document if they are accurate and meaningful
* Even if it is more or less the same, I prefer version to date of the document, you can
have several versions for the same day

Part II: in class summary, I think about adding semantics, formal one this time, I know
it is a painful job but we need that
I don't understand mapping to UML Base classes

Appendix: maybe we can add a part on changes to help designers understand the
modification of the specs between two versions of the document.

Finally, I wasn't at Palermo for FIPA meeting and this is the reason why my name does
not appear in the list below and just on class and sequence diagrams. Moreover, I would
like you know all that I am ready to help as much as I can on these modeling areas. I
write OK where I think I can help or I have minimum knowledge. More I take, less I am
efficient, so if you think you need my help, please ask, I will try to follow
discussions and give comments and ideas as much as I can.


James Odell wrote:

> **************Modeling Area Assignments*****************
> * Multi- vs. single agent (Massimo Cossentino and Paola Turci)

As soon as I know exactly what is it, but OK for me

> * Agent ³class/component² and implementation structure (Misty Nodine and Jim
> Odell)


> * Goal & soft goals (Radovan Cervenka)

If it is strongly related to Tropos, that's not really something I consider but I can
give feedback based on my own work

> * Use cases (as specified in UML for now)
> * Social aspects (Radovan Cervenka, Misty Nodine, Massimo Cossentino, and
> Jim Odell)

OK for feedback

> * Environment (Renato Levy, Radovan Cervenka, Jim Odell, and Paola Turci)
> * Workflow/Planning (Misty Nodine and Jim Odell)

OK for ideas and feedback

> * Services (agent and environment) (Subsumed by Environment and Agent
> ³class²)
> * Levels of abstraction (e.g., requirements, social, agent, and structural
> level) (Renato Levy)
> * Temporal constraints (i.e., temporal properties such as how long an
> interaction must take; see Live Sequence Charts, UTC120) and Domains of time
> (e.g., real time vs. simulation time) (Renato Levy and Keven Kearney)


> * Policies (referenced, but policy-specification language is out of scope
> for this group)

Policies = norms? If yes, OK for me

> * Deployment and Mobility (Paola Turci)

OK for feedback

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