[Modeling] FIPA Modeling Area descriptions

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 09:21:10 -0500

Hi all,

Would each of the Modeling Area assignment areas please send me a one to
three sentence description of your areas -- in the next 48 hours?  It would
really help those who did not attend the Palermo meeting.



 **************Modeling Area Assignments*****************
* Multi- vs. single agent (Massimo Cossentino and Paola Turci)
* Agent ³class/component² and implementation structure (Misty
 Nodine and Jim Odell)
* Goal & soft goals (Radovan Cervenka)
* Use cases (as specified in UML for now)
* Social aspects (Radovan Cervenka, Misty Nodine, Massimo
 Cossentino, and Jim Odell)
* Environment (Renato Levy, Radovan Cervenka, Jim Odell, and
 Paola Turci)
* Workflow/Planning (Misty Nodine and Jim Odell)
* Services (agent and environment) (Subsumed by Environment and Agent
* Levels of abstraction (e.g., requirements, social, agent,
 and structural
 level) (Renato Levy)
* Temporal constraints (i.e., temporal properties such as how long an
 interaction must take; see Live Sequence Charts, UTC120) and
 Domains of time
 (e.g., real time vs. simulation time) (Renato Levy and Keven Kearney)
* Policies (referenced, but policy-specification language is
 out of scope
 for this group) 
* Deployment and Mobility (Paola Turci)