R: [Modeling] Modeling an Agent Class- register your opinion

Paola Turci turci@ce.unipr.it
Sat, 14 Jun 2003 13:55:48 +0200

Hi Jim, all,

Jim wrote:


> The other side of the issue is to ask: why inherit something you don't
> need?
> Why not instead, create *exactly* the structure you need -- and no more.
> In
> other words, apply Occam's Razor.  For me, this is one of the primary
> driving factors behind whether to inherit from Class or Classifier.  Does
> that make sense?

I strongly agree with you!
This is why Giovanni and I proposed to extend Classifier.

> So, yes, we are all discussing a probable Agent UML profile.
> However, it is this last sentence that is being discussed in this thread.
> In particular,
> we need to identify the metamodel subset that we will extend.  First, will
> it be Class or Classifier that we extend?

Yes, this is the point!

> Second, will that extension be
> call AgentClass or something else?

I think that AgentClass could be an unfortunate choice. Actually, for now I
have no a good proposal, however since I think that it would be better to
extend Classifier, maybe a more appropriate choice could be AgentClassifier.

> Cheers,
> Jim