[Modeling] Modeling tools

Stephen Cranefield scranefield@infoscience.otago.ac.nz
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 10:42:31 +1200

Marc-Philippe Huget wrote:
> here is a list of tools [...]
> 1. Visio, Microsoft, not open source, $$, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)
> 2. Dia, Dia, open source, free, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)
> 3. OpenTool, TNI Valiosys, $$, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)
> 4. Poseidon, Gentleware, $$, possible Agent UML extension
> 5. IBM Rational Rose, IBM, $$$$$$, Agent UML extension if I remember
> 6. MetaEdit, Metacase, $$, Agent UML extension?
> 7. XFig, open source, free, possible Agent UML extension
> 8. ArgoUML, open source, free, possible Agent UML extension

Objects by Design have a good list of UML tools on their Web site at

One that Marc-Philippe didn't list (and which I have seen recommended a lot)
is Together, now owned by Borland: http://www.borland.com/together/

Also, Objecteering seems to have very good support for defining profiles
(see http://www.objecteering.com/products.php).  However, when I tried to
about academic licensing I got no response, despite sending several email
messages and a fax, so I wasn't very impressed with the company.

- Stephen