[Fwd: [Modeling] Comments on interaction diagram modeling doc]

Renato Levy rlevy@i-a-i.com
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:57:37 -0500

At 09:22 AM 3/20/2003 +1100, you wrote:
>Possibly it is not necessary to distinguish in interaction diagrams
>and we could understand either role or agent type - where the
>difference is really to do with granularity and at what level of
>detail people wish to express things?  If we do take this approach
>though, it may be necessary to address questions around what freedom
>designers/implementors have in following a protocol, if they combine
>several roles within a single agent. This arises from the fact that
>protocols are both a design specification tool, but also a
>standardisation mechanism. We may need to address these 2 uses

This is precisely the point for the definition of level of abstraction of 
the design document.

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