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To be precise the security council chair (that represents the security 
council entity) is an addtional role of one of the members (perm or not) 
which rotates monthy.

>Well, I think actually we have several issues here. The first is the
>communication issue. In this case I think there are three roles -- (1) the
>security council entity, (2) the proposer, and (3) the responder. In this
>a. The proposers submit the proposal to the security council.
>b. The security council forwards the proposal to the responders, setting the
>c. The responders respond to the security council with a vote.
>d. Optionally, the result of the vote is communicated to the proposers and
>The second issue has to do with who can fill the roles in the interaction. 
>that many forms of voting can follow the above interaction, and the 
>between them is in constraints such as who can fill the role. In the described
>protocol, the role constraints are as follows:
>Security council -- There is one of these. It must be the legal entity
>designated as the security council. It must be able to set the deadline and
>tally the votes according to the approved procedure -- if the majority of the
>members voted FOR, and no permanent member voted AGAINST, then the proposal
>becomes a resolution; otherwise, it does not. It must know who the members 
>and whether they are permanent or not.
>Proposer -- There may be one or more of these. All of them must be members of
>the UN security council. They must be able to submit the proposal according to
>the required procedures.
>Responder -- All members of the UN security council must be responders. This
>includes the proposers. They must be able to respond according to the required
>To my mind, the first issue is defined at a more abstract level than the 
>issue. I am not sure how this fits in with interaction protocols -- I would be
>inclined to say that interaction protocols cover the first issue. The issue of
>role assignment should be covered at more of an implementation level.
>-- Misty

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