[Modeling] AIP and actions

Renato Levy rlevy@i-a-i.com
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:09:22 -0400


In our tool (DIVA) we have linked AIPs with state diagrams, activity 
diagrams are not used. Each state diagrams represent a "machine" for one 
role. There is way more detail to it, if you are interested.

At 01:23 PM 8/16/2004 +0200, Marc-Philippe Huget wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I have several times the same question during AAMAS: we have AIP but what 
>about actions associated to the AIP? How to represent them? I proposed in 
>the first draft to decorate the AIP with actions but this is certainly too 
>simple. I think we need to consider this question and find an answer to 
>everybody who wants to design and **implement** AIPs.
>First idea: linking Interaction diagrams to Activity diagrams: each action 
>in Interaction diagrams is related to a "real" implementation in activity 
>diagrams. What's your opinion?
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