[Modeling] Re: Methodology-Modeling joint meeting

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:05:27 -0500

Dear Massimo,

> (I put Radovan in Cc since he is now the Methodology TC co-chair)
> from the beginning of our work (in Palermo) it was supposed that our TCs
> would coordinate their work in order to produce a methodology and modeling
> language that could be used together. Until today this was actuated only by
> the presence of some of us in both the MLs or TC meetings. The need that
> appeared in London was that in the Methodology TC work several possible MAS
> meta-models have been identified and we now wonder if it is possible to
> represent them and the correspondent design artifacts with the FIPA
> modeling language you are developing.

I think I understand.  I am sending this to the full Modeling TC list,
because I am concerned for two reasons:

1) For the last two meetings, we have worked on converging on a MAS
metamodel.  Why do you *now* want to present "several possible MAS
meta-models" now that we have all arrived a  fairly unified one?

2) Work in the modeling TC occurs between meetings, yet you have not
proposed any of the "several possible MAS meta-models have been identified"
for review by the Modeling TC.  Nothing was posted to the Modeling TC
mailing list nor was it requested to be posted to the Modeling TC site.

Massimo,  until now this is the first that we hear from you regarding
"several possible MAS meta-models."  Can you understand how this makes it
difficult for those of us in the Modeling TC that have been spending a lot
of time developing the current model?  FIPA meeting time is much too short
now for it to be the only working time the Modeling TC has.  Our
face-to-face meeting time must be spend prudently -- particularly with our
current workplan schedule.  It short, we do not have time to start over,
unless we find that our previous work is broken or can be significantly
improved -- and if that occurs, we must submit a new workplan.

So, if you have a proposal, please send submit it to the Modeling TC by 25
February.  The group will then discuss it *before* the FIPA meeting.  If
enough people indicate that these new  "several possible MAS meta-models"
should be considered, then we will discuss them in Barcelona.  Is that fair?