[Modeling] about modeling environment in agent-basedsimulation

Ye Chaoqun cqyie@163.com
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 18:53:41 +0800

Hello James,

    I have read your paper: "Modeling Agents and their Environment". As it described, physical environment can be expressed as a two-tuple:

                                Environment=<State, Process>

Then there are two questions I am concerned about:

 -the state includes the agents and objects within the environment, how to represented them in environment model?

 -how to control the effect of actions of agents onto environment independently of the internal architecture of the agents?

with regards,	

Ye Chaoqun

>On 2/28/04 11:00 PM, Ye Chaoqun scribed:
>> hello, all.
>>   Can anybody tell me how to represente environment in agent-based simulation?
>> I think there are three ways to do it.
>> 1st, implicitly in agents.
>> 2nd, as specific data structures in the models.
>> 3rd, explicityly as agents.
>> Who can give me some examples in which environment is represented in one of
>> these ways?
>> Thanks 
>As a paper to introduce you to the topic:
>"Modeling Agents and their Environment," James Odell, H. Van Dyke Parunak,
>Mitch Fleischer, and Sven Breuckner, Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
>(AOSE) III, F. Giunchiglia, James Odell, Gerhard Weiss, eds., Lecture Notes
>on Computer Science volume 2585, Springer, Berlin, 2002, pp 16-31.
>I think Renato Levy might also have a paper.
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