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Tue, 08 Apr 2003 09:02:53 -0400

Dear Yanqi,

Good ideas.  Perhaps you and Hong Zhu <hzhu@brookes.ac.uk> would like to
propose an outline for the "Social Aspect" modeling area?  You two seem to
have the interest and time to organise it.



On 4/8/03 6:55 AM, "wilunyan_2001" indited:

> Dear all,
> Response to Jim's , "
> This is primarily the goal for the "Social Aspect"
> modeling area.  See http://www.auml.org/auml/projects/
> Having said that, there is little or no work on
> this  "Social Aspect" document.  I ask that you and
> others on the team start suggesting topics (and even
> outlines) of what should go into this document."
> The basic questions are agent and social organization.
> On agent. An agent firstly is a living being that
> can do certian basic actions, has certain attributes.
> For example, if remove the society from a human being,
> he/she just has the attributes: height, weight, eye
> color, etc. And he/she just can run, eat, beat, etc.
> However, he/she knows how to react to certain
> sitmulations, too.
> On social organization. A number of philosophers tried
> to illustrate interactions and collaborations in
> certain social organizations.  However, few of
> their fruits have been considered by computer
> scientists. What mechanism makes a group of agents
> become a social organization? What mechanism results
> to emergent behavior. The best known examples are
> ants or swallows, in which each individual bahaves
> under simple rules but the group represents
> comparatively complexity.
> Other interesting questions are under organized.
> Waiting for your reply.
> Best regards,
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