[Modeling] Response to Social Aspect.

wilunyan_2001 wilunyan_2001@yahoo.com.cn
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 18:55:20 +0800

Dear all,

Response to Jim's , "

This is primarily the goal for the "Social Aspect" 
modeling area.  See http://www.auml.org/auml/projects/
Having said that, there is little or no work on 
this  "Social Aspect" document.  I ask that you and 
others on the team start suggesting topics (and even 
outlines) of what should go into this document."

The basic questions are agent and social organization.

On agent. An agent firstly is a living being that
can do certian basic actions, has certain attributes.
For example, if remove the society from a human being,
he/she just has the attributes: height, weight, eye 
color, etc. And he/she just can run, eat, beat, etc.
However, he/she knows how to react to certain 
sitmulations, too.

On social organization. A number of philosophers tried
to illustrate interactions and collaborations in 
certain social organizations.  However, few of
their fruits have been considered by computer
scientists. What mechanism makes a group of agents    
become a social organization? What mechanism results 
to emergent behavior. The best known examples are
ants or swallows, in which each individual bahaves
under simple rules but the group represents
comparatively complexity. 

Other interesting questions are under organized.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards,