[Modeling] Re: R: [Methodology] Terms for first release of the glossary

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Wed, 06 Aug 2003 08:37:36 -0400

Dear Massimo,

Yes, it is a difficult decision.  If it were me, I would probably divide the
current glossary and create two glossaries immediately: one that is
appropriate for for a restricted discussion among methodologists and another
that affects the entire FIPA membership.  Then, with the more general
glossary, decide what the best way is to gain FIPA acceptance: perhaps by
separate TC or WG.  That way, you do not throw out work already done while
maintaining the specialized direction of the Methodology TC.
I say this because, IMO, defining terms such as autonomy, adaptivity,
behavior, belief, desire, intention, cooperation, conversation, etc.  affect
all of FIPA, not just methodology.


On 8/6/03 7:45 AM, "Massimo Cossentino" indited:

> Dear Jim,
> these terms are on the glossary page in the TC website from a long time
> and have been proposed by several different members. In this phase I
> just selected some of them for the first release of the glossary.
> I think we shoud include (at least some of) them because also the most
> general one have a direct influence in the definition of structural
> related terms (like automonous or adaptive agent). The MAS metamodel
> have a direct link with these latter and this metamodel is a key part of
> our TC work since it can be used as a guide (and a coherence check) to
> compose different method fragments.
> If you think that we should postpone the discussion of some of them for
> the next releases of the glossary, in principle I can agree, also
> because I too think that a specific glossary TC could be the right place
> for a deep discussion.
> What is your proposal? Which terms do you prefer to leave apart by now?
> To other TC members: what is your opinion?
> Regards
> Massimo