[Modeling] Document structure

Radovan Cervenka rce@whitestein.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:40:31 +0100

Dear Marc-Philippe,

> Even if I am not die hard about formal methods, I think it might be a pity
> we don't need some formal description of AUML. Some ideas I had are using
> operational semantics or object Z but CCS and CSP are good either.

Ok I'm not experienced in formal methods (even if I used some algebraic
specifications during my university study and also Object Z for
specification of an abstract hypermedia system...). Can you please give me
some examples on using Object Z (or CCS or CSP) to define for instance UML's
use case, class or state modeling elements? I have no clue how to apply
operational semantics in such cases.

> > I see... There are several free UML tools. E.g. Umbrello, Argo/UML, etc.
> > support also XMI.
> Yes, that's right but the main problem is the extension of such tools, for
> instance in Poseidon, it is possible to do some extensions but only on
> professional version which is not free, I used Dia but there is some
> non-interests from the designers to move to UML 2 for instance. BTW if we
> want to be "amateur", we need Rose and we know that.

Hmmm... we probably will use CASE tool in two different situations: 1. to
draw the metamodel, 2. to implement our UML profile in order to try AUML at
examples. In the 1st case you do not need extension mechanisms - classes,
relations and label stereotypes are sufficient. For the second case the CASE
tool should provide UML extension mechanisms... Hmmm... <<expensive>> Rose
provides them well...


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