[Modeling] The UML 2.0 concept of Collaboration

Marian Nodine nodine@research.telcordia.com
Tue, 03 Jun 2003 10:22:50 -0500

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Stephen --

I have been thinking about collaborations in the context of the workflow paper
I am writing for this group. (Note that I am woefully behind in actually
producing it). As with collaborations, workflows have multiple agents working
together in some structure, so this is very relevant.

My approach to collaboration in general (I have not looked at the
UML collaboration diagrams in much detail yet) is that there is a mapping
between components in the collaboration and roles in the interaction protocol.
I had pictured this mapping between the collaboration and the interaction
protocol roles as a separate diagram, relating the two. Thus, the approach
I was proposing would not impact the interaction diagrams specifically.

-- Misty

Stephen Cranefield wrote:

> Marc-Philippe wrote:
> > Well, well, I don't know what to answer, I agree with you that this
> > Collaboration is important in the context of agents and IPs but my
> > question is does this element need to be included in the interaction
> > diagram or somewhere else? My aim when writing interaction diagram spec.
> > is really to focus on IPs and let apart other notions, it is the reason
> > actions or combining protocols are light, it is because I think this is
> > the subject of another specification where we write combination of
> > different elements: roles and groups with IPs, IPs together, etc. in
> > this latter case, your idea about Collaboration can be included.
> >
> > What's your opinion? Do we need to address this question in the spec?
> I agree that it could be addressed elsewhere, but if a consensus emerges
> that using the collaboration notation in AUML is a good idea, then it might
> be useful to add a note somewhere (when discussing the use of interaction
> diagrams for representing IPs) to say that collaborations should (or could)
> be used in conjunction with these diagrams.
> - Stephen
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