[Modeling] Class Diagram Specification

sehl mellouli sehl.mellouli@ift.ulaval.ca
Thu, 05 Jun 2003 13:19:27 -0400

Marc-Philippe wrote:
"the first level is the one, we always consider
knowledge, acquaintances, roles, groups, protocols, etc. and we have a
second level where we describe those elements in a "computable" manner,
see the example above, the first level is at design level, the second
one is at implementation level, and above all, we need to give recipes
to help designers moving from the first level to the second one."

and in level 1, we deal with roles, groups, etc. And to this level I 
have pointed in my previous messages.

AUML agent diagram is in level 2, because we have implementation 

I hope it is clear now :)

Wagner, G.R. wrote:
>>AUML agent diagram can be drawn in level2 proposed by 
>>Marc-philippe. But 
>>in level one, we have to deal with agent concepts without considering 
>>implementation aspects. There is a big gap between agent concepts and 
> What is "level1"? I can only repeat myself: we start with a (conceptual)
> domain model, derive a (platform-independent) design model from it,
> and then transform this design model into an implementation model for
> dome target platform. UML class models (and the fundamental concepts of 
> attributes, associations, etc.) can/should be used for all of these 
> 3 types of models needed in the development process.
> This is AUML, not AIML (Artificial Intelligence modeling language), 
> right?
> -Gerd

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