[Modeling] Class Diagram Specification

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 10:41:15 +0100

"Dr. Hong Zhu" wrote:

> I believe that to coin a new tern to a new concept is
> very important for the start of a new methodology. I cannot imagine if
> 'object type' is still used as the name for class in object orientation.
> Therefore, it is the time to coin a new term.

No idea for the moment for the new term

> I think that I haven't made myself clear on this issue. I agree with you
> that we need multiple diagrams from different views and different
> abstraction levels. What I suggest is a simple notation at class diagram
> level and then more details in other diagrams,



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