[Modeling] Modeling an Agent Class- register your opinion

Hossam Allam hallam@cedare.org.eg
Sat, 14 Jun 2003 00:44:02 +0300

Dear Mr. Odell

At 03:08  13/06/2003, you wrote:
>On 6/12/03 7:56 PM, "Hossam Allam" indited:
> > I would go to the option of having Class as the supertype of Agent Class.
> > The definition of  Class will need to be changed to "A Class is a
> > description of a set of Objects and Agents that share ............". AUML
> > will have passive class, active class, and agent class.
>So, if I understand you correctly: you would
>1) extend the feature of Class at they are now defined in UML to include
>additional features.
>2) create three new subclasses of the newly extended Class called: passive
>class, active class, and agent class.

Passive Class and Active Class are already UML classes; Agent class is the 
new extension to UML Class. I believe this will make it easier for  people 
that are using UML for object-oriented systems to merge to systems that 
contains agents and objects. I believe that current and new software 
systems will contain both objects and agents.

>Is that correct?  That is an interesting proposition, as well.   What
>features would each of these three new subclasses have that would
>differentiate themselves from each other?

Instances of Passive class are passive objects that holds data, but does 
not initiate control (as described by UML)

Instances of Active Class are active objects that owns a thread of Control 
and may initiate control activity (as described by UML).

Instances of Agent Class are agents that have all the agency features that 
differentiate agent from object such as the ability to refuse requests from 
other active objects, agents, or users.



Hossam Allam

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