[Modeling] new kid on the block

Paul J Alagna pjalagna@CheckMi.com
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 19:33:33 +400

    Having just joined this important group, Iím somewhat lost on where we are
-I can say "we" now! -  So, a few questions then:
1- are there any diagrams thus far? Use case? Petri-nets? Workflows?
2- has a method of attack been resolved?
And 3- will I need any special tools to see them?

Some information about me, Iím cautious, bright and intelligent.
On the cautious side - I tend to question everything. On the bright side - I
try to be nice about it. As for intelligence, please assume I have some. But
that it is locked away behind a wall of poor language skills.

Paul Alagna
Checkmi Inc.