[Modeling] new kid on the block

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 19:59:47 -0400

Dear Paul,

As the chair of the the Modeling TC, I would like to welcome you to the
mailing list.  In answer to some of your questions, you might start by going
to http://www.fipa.org/activities/modeling.html
This URL presents the purpose and current workplan for the TC.  If you will
follow the pointer to http://www.auml.org, you will find the answer to many
of your other questions.

In the meantime, perhaps you can share with the TC, more about CHECKMi and
how it uses "business agent middleware to leverage knowledge about resources
that are integral to business competencies."  After reading all the web
stuff, maybe you can share what CHECKMi might be able to contribute to the
agent modeling standardization effort of FIPA.  Also, I notice that the
CHECKMi  website includes the FIPA logo.  Is CHECKMi a member of FIPA?  Will
it attend the next meeting in Banff in August?


James Odell

\On 6/20/03 11:33 AM, "Paul J Alagna" indited:

> All;
>   Having just joined this important group, Iím somewhat lost on where we are
> -I can say "we" now! -  So, a few questions then:
> 1- are there any diagrams thus far? Use case? Petri-nets? Workflows?
> 2- has a method of attack been resolved?
> And 3- will I need any special tools to see them?
> Some information about me, Iím cautious, bright and intelligent.
> On the cautious side - I tend to question everything. On the bright side - I
> try to be nice about it. As for intelligence, please assume I have some. But
> that it is locked away behind a wall of poor language skills.
> Paul Alagna
> Checkmi Inc.
> PJAlagna@CheckMi.com