[Modeling] Modeling an Agent Class- register your opinion

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:31:00 -0400

On 6/20/03 6:30 AM, "Joaquin Peņa" indited:

>> It is true that we can implement everything in the OO
>> paradigm and model everything in UML, etc. However, in my
>> opinion, what is important is how to model and implement the
>> model in a better way. Can we model certain systems in an
>> agent-oriented approach better than OO approach?

Hmmm.  I thought that was exactly a primary goal of this TC.
Now that we have reiterated the goal, let's work on creating concrete
proposals for "how to model and implement the model ... an agent-oriented
approach."  Please send in you proposals and I will post them on the