[Modeling] Modeling tools

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 08:22:53 -0400

Hi All,

> Are we going to use a common tool, like Rational Rose?

You mean IBM Rose?  :-)

Seriously, this is something that we all need to begin pursuing now.  We
need to find tool companies that  will support Agent UML: either by their
modification or ours.  (An example of a tool that we can modify would be
Visio.)  In order for Agent UML to be successful, we must have a choice of
tools, otherwise people will not be inclined to adopt it.

So, the question for this TC is: how can we get Agent UML modeling tools?
Let's start making a list, and I will post it on the website.  IMO, this is
very important.