Fw: [Modeling] Modeling tools

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:41:46 +0100

Hello Frits and all,

"f.tolman" wrote:

> Which of these cadidates is (will be) supporting UML2?

Good and difficult question, I will answer as far as I know, depends greatly if
I have good contact with "authors"

> > > >> 1. Visio, Microsoft, not open source, $$, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)

No problem to extend this one since it is a drawing editor

> > > >> 2. Dia, Dia, open source, free, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)

The authors won't extend Dia for UML 2, too much work and not central in their
work but it is possible to add new stereotypes without problems, we just lose
some aspects present in Dia like code generation except if we want to put hands
in code

> > > >> 3. OpenTool, TNI Valiosys, $$, Agent UML extension (AUML 1)

No information for the moment, they certainly move to UML 2 but when?

> > > >> 4. Poseidon, Gentleware, $$, possible Agent UML extension

When I saw them in last October, they told me that moving to UML 2 is necessary
but no schedule is defined for the moment and no information on their site

> > > >> 5. IBM Rational Rose, IBM, $$$$$$, Agent UML extension if I remember

For sure but when?

> > > >> 6. MetaEdit, Metacase, $$, Agent UML extension?

No news

> > > >> 7. XFig, open source, free, possible Agent UML extension

When we want since this is a drawing editor

> > > >> 8. ArgoUML, open source, free, possible Agent UML extension

No news, maybe one day? For the moment, they accept UML 1.3


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