[Modeling] Behavior in Interaction Diagrams

Marc-Philippe Huget M.P.Huget@csc.liv.ac.uk
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 08:53:44 +0000

Hi all,

James Odell wrote:

> 2) IMO, methods should be able to be indicated on a sequence diagram.
> Furthermore, sequence diagrams should be able to express a method
> specification by by "pointing to" either another interaction diagram or
> possibly an activity diagram or state chart.
> Any reactions?

I believe that if you propose to represent link between different types of
diagrams, this is because UML accepts it, isn't it?
My second question is more pragmatic: can we use UML 2 gate to this
purpose? My concern is messages or method invocations will be considered for
all the diagrams and they are dependent of a specific class of diagrams, that
is to say they are not defined in the kernel. Am I right? Is it a problem?


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