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Dr. Hong Zhu hzhu@brookes.ac.uk
Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:33:00 -0000

> All representatives vote on the same day, one after another, so the chair
> cannot change within the vote call; but it is possible for the chair to
> change between a proposal is submitted until it goes into vote, in this
> case the earlier chair has to forward the proposal to the new one.

Yes, I think so. This is an issue that the steping down chair needs to pass
the state of an on going process to the new chair without disruption to the
smooth moving of the process and the functionality of the organisation.

> >Is it possible for the position of chair to change during the vote? The
> >rotates among the members, right? If it is time for the chair to rotate,
> >the old chair continue to oversee the vote or does the new chair take
> >
> >-- Misty

We might like to simplify the situation to say that a vote is always
finishes in one day and no chair changing happens on that day. Complex
situation can be avoid by setting the date of vote on an aprropriate day by
the chair. Having said that, if we have the mechanism to specify how state
of a process is passed from one chair to the next, the same mechanism should
be able to be applied to the situation that changing chair happens during a

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