[Modeling] Re: Seq. diag. answer to Michael Winikoff

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Sun, 23 Mar 2003 08:52:53 -0500

Ooops, I forgot to answer this item:

>Page 12: "the abbreviations are alt, brk ..." These are not at all easy to read
>and understand. I'd like to suggest that we allow graphical/mnemonic
>alternatives. How about these as a first suggestion:
>alt = ? or diamond
>brk = ! or stop symbol
>par = || or an arrow to a thick horizontal bar with two arrows coming out of it
>neg = - or x or a logical negation symbol (probably not the latter)
>ign = . (can't think of a good symbol for this - a cross over a human ear is
>getting too complex ... :-)
>loop = little loop symbol (or @ if using ASCII?)
>Answer: I think Jim has the answer but I think it is not possible to use
>graphical symbol since I am rather doubt that UML 2 CombinedFragment allows
>graphical symbol, Jim, do you have an answer?

What we could do is extend UML by offering both options.  That way it would
be backward and forward compatible.  We do need to be concerned about using
symbols that are too specialized.  I think the ones that Michael proposes
should be OK.  It's the upsidedown "A" and backward "E" type of thing we
need to avoid.