[Modeling] MODELLING...

vivek kumar viveksingh007@sify.com
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 12:24:21 +0600 (IST)

read ur explanation about the actors,resources and agents...let me deduce that a little bit...
> An agent is a kind of actor. An actor is a kind of resource.
this means u have three sets Agent,Actor and Resources.(none being the superset. of rest of the two.)
Agent(intersection)Actor is not null..
Actor(intersection)Resources is not null..
So agent may be(or may be not) resources ....
Furthermore if a activity is being initiated (starting from the beginning) then the actor initiating the activity can not be resources. if it is then that resource must also have been initiated by some other actor.(recursively going doqwn the tree untill the initiating actor is only actor and not resource.) During the course of activity the, the actor may be a resource. With the help of resource the agent does the work assigned by/for the actor.
I hope this is what u want to convey.

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