[Modeling] Whitestein Technologies Announces Version 0.9 of the Agent Modeling Language (AML)

Radovan Cervenka rce@whitestein.com
Tue, 21 Dec 2004 18:28:52 +0100

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Whitestein Technologies, AG is pleased to announce the public
availability of v0.9 of the Agent Modeling Language (AML) Specification.

The AML Specification is available for download at

AML is a comprehensive semi-formal visual modeling language for
specifying, modeling and documenting systems that incorporate concepts
drawn from multi-agent systems theory. The primary application context
of AML is to systems explicitly designed using software multi-agent
system concepts. AML can however also be applied to other domains such
as business systems, social systems, robotics, etc.

The motivation for AML stems from the need for a ready-to-use, complete
and highly expressive modeling language suitable for the development of
a broad range of software solutions across commercial, industrial, and
research fields.

The current version of AML offers support for: MAS entities, ontologies,
social aspects, behavior abstraction and decomposition, communicative
interactions, services, observations and effecting interactions, mental
aspects, deployment, and mobility.

We would be interested in obtaining any feedback pertaining to your
experiences with AML. Please feel free to report and discuss any issues
on the AML mailing list or directly with the authors.

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With kind regards,
the AML team

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