[Modeling] formal semantics of AUML

lars@larsehrler.de lars@larsehrler.de
Wed, 22 Dec 2004 23:38:01 +0100


my name is Lars Ehrler and I am a student of media and computer science
at the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. I was working on a
interpreting tool for AUML and published a paper about my work at AAMAS
2004 ("Executing Agent UML diagrams").
I am starting for my Diplom thesis to built up some formal semantics for
Agent UML diagrams (in the first instance for interaction protocols,
but for more as well if necessary) and was now wondering whether
already other people are working on this subject. Marc-Philip Huget was
in his paper at IEEE this year pointing out, that formal semantics are
one of the most important subjects in AgentUML research, and so it
might be the case that there is already some effort in this area.

If yes, I would be more then glad to collaborate and to work together to
be able to specify as much as possible of AgentUML.

Have a merry Christmas and a good start in 2005,
Lars Ehrler

Lars Ehrler
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