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The following projects are involved in field trials by FIPA members or consortia members:

  • The Agentcities European Union project (grant numbers IST-2000-28384 and IST-2000-28385) is encouraging the implementation of heterogeneous FIPA agent platforms and a test bed of services, such as tourist services.
  • The AgentLink III European Union project (grant number IST-1-002006-CA) is a European Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing, supporting and facilitating information exchange on agent-based research amongst the European Agent research/development community.
  • The CRUMPET (Creation of User-Friendly Mobile Servivces Personalised for Tourism) European Union project (grant number IST-1999-20147) is developing location-aware, context-driven services for nomadic users.
  • The EDEN-iW (Environmental Data Exchange Network for Inland Water) European Union project (grant number IST-2000-29317) will develop an agent infrastructure to support high-level access to and integration of distributed inland water data sources.
  • The FACTS (FIPA Agent Communication Technologies Services) European Union project (grant number ACTS-1997-AC317) was aimed at implementing audio-visual entertainment and broadcasting, telecom service reservation and personal travel assistant.
  • FETISH (Federated European Tourism Information System Harmonisation) is an European Union project cluster for tourism with the CRUMPET project being one of about 10 projects in this cluster. The cluster aims to focus on a common infrastructure and ontology for e-tourism.
  • The FIPA-NET project is implementing diagnostic and test tools for FIPA agent platforms.
  • The Java Agent Services Java Community Process standardisation project is aimed at producing a Java-based implementation of the FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification.
  • The LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform) European Union project (grant number IST-1999-10211) is developing an extensible FIPA agent platform for small, wireless devices.
  • The MoTiV project is implementing personal travel assistant.
  • The Toshiba/IKV++ Co-operation Project is implementing intelligent data mining, network and service management or mobile resource management.
  • The Toshiba/GMD FOKUS Co-operation Project is implementing the development of applications based on FIPA/OMG MASIF agent technology.
  • The FIPA field trial is implementing meeting scheduling services.

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