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Salaheddin J. Juneidi, George Vouros; IASTED International Conference SEA, November 2004


Calisti M., FIPA Standards for promoting interoperability of industrial agent systems, FIPA Presentation, Agentcities Infodays, August 2003, Helsinki, Finland

Calisti M, FIPA Standards for promoting interoperability of industrial agent systems.  FIPA Presentation, Agentcities, Information Days, 06 February 2003, Barcelona, Spain

Cranefield S., Purvis M., Referencing Objects in FIPA SL: An Analysis and Proposal - published in the Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Challenges in Open Agent Environments at AAMAS 2003

Poslad S. and Willmott S., Lectures on Modelling Agent Services for Open Environments given at the EASS Spring School. Part 1 and Part 2


Buckle P, Moore T, Robertshaw S. Treadway A, Tarkoma S and Poslad S.; Lecture Notes in AI

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Calisti M, Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents, The Release of Standard Specifications, presented at Agentcities Info Days, Lisboa, September 2002

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Dale, Jonathan, Exposing Web Services, Agentcities.NET iD2, Agentcities Lisbon, 9 - 10 September, 2002

Garro, Alfredo and Palopoli, Luigi - E-Learning Agents, Presented during MALCEB 2002 (Erfurt Germany)

Hopmans, Gabriel, F-One Racing-MAS & the Borda Count Interaction Protocol, 21-11-2002

Lyell, Margaret, Exporting DF Services, Agentcities.NET iD2, Agentcities Lisbon 9-10 September 2002

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Poslad S - MATA’02 4th Int. Worskhop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunications Applications, MA2002 6th IEEE Int. Conf. on Mobile Agents, Barcelona, 23-24 October 2002 - Keynote Speech


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Poslad, S and Calisti, M, Towards Improved Trust and Security in FIPA Agent Platforms. Presented at the Autonomous Agents 2000 Workshop on Deception, Fraud and Trust in Agent Societies, Spain, 2000.

Poslad, S, Buckle, P, and Hadingham, R, Open Source Standards and Scaleable Agencies. Presented at the Autonomous Agents 2000 Workshop on Infrastructure for Scalable Multi-agent Systems, Spain, 2000.


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O’Brien, P and Nicol, R, FIPA - Towards a Standard for Software Agents. In: BT Technology Journal, Vol.16:3, pages 51-59, 1998.

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