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This page shows links to companies with similar interests to FIPA’s.


CEN/ISSS was created in mid-1997 by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) as the focus for its ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) activities. CEN recognized that the market needs of the Information Society could not be met through traditional standardization methods alone, and that a new solution was required.

ISSS (Information Society Standardization System) aims to provide market players with a comprehensive and integrated range of standardization-oriented services and products, in order to contribute to the success of the Information Society in Europe. The CEN/ISSS Workshop concept provides a unique opportunity for any party faced with a challenge to find others in a similar situation, and to develop a result by consensus, validated in an open arena.

The procedures for setting up and operating Workshops are deliberately kept to a minimum and all the decision-making powers rest with the interested parties themselves -- the members of the Workshop.  These include all market players (industry, service providers, administrations, users and consumers) and can come from any part of the globe. They are responsible for the funding and direction of the Workshop and for the approval of the deliverables.

As a public service, CEN/ISSS also researches and publishes a regular survey of over 350 ICT industry consortia operating as informal "standards bodies". It has already been mentioned in the US Congress as a world reference on the subject. The 7th and latest edition of the CEN/ISSS ICT Consortia Survey was published in October 2002.


The JADE Board initiative is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of promoting the evolution and the adoption of the JADE platform by the mobile telecommunications industry as a java-based de-facto standard middleware for agent-based applications in the mobile personal communication sector.

The JADE Board will leverage, continue and consolidate the Open-source tradition through the continuous support and involvement of the JADE Open-source Community. Its objective is the industrial affirmation of JADE through the establishment of consensus and contribution of the key players in the mobile sector and ignite a new wireless business cycle based on agent applications.

The JADE-Board activity contributes to the concrete adoption and deployment of FIPA standards by a large community of agent-developers which will hopefully generate important feedback to the FIPA standardization work.




ObjectWeb is an open source software community created at the end of 1999 by France Telecom R&D, Bull and INRIA. Its goal is to develop innovative and coherent set of high-quality open source middleware components, including implementations of major relevant standards in the area of distributed systems (J2EETM, CORBATM, ...). Since 2002, ObjectWeb is organized as an open international consortium hosted by INRIA. ObjectWeb currently hosts projects such as: JOnAS, Jonathan, JORAM, JORM, JOTM, OpenCCM, ProActive and RmiJdbc.

The ObjectWeb Consortium supports also the initiave. is an open source community initially created by Lutris Technologies, Inc. It is similar to Apache, but with a focus on E-Business software revolving around the application server. Following the withdrawal of Lutris Technologies, the ObjectWeb Consortium has taken over sponsorship of on June, 2002.



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