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Please fill out this form and submit (or send it via e-mail to no later than 15/07/2002, i.e. one week before the FIPA 26th meeting.

At a minimum, the description of the problem is required, but filling out all the other fields of this template would greatly simplify and speed up the evaluation and decision-making process.


Contact Point (name, company, e-mail address)

FIPA Specifications
Subject of this problem

1. Brief description of the problem
Give here a brief description of the problem.  Remember that the scope of this activity is limited to improving Experimental Specifications by reconciling them through removing ambiguities and inconsistencies. No new FIPA specifications can be generated.

2. Proposed modifications to the FIPA specifications
Please be as precise and specific as possible (e.g. use line numbers or section numbers).

3. Rationale for the solution

4. Possible influence to other FIPA Specifications

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