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1. Purpose

The objective of this Technical Committee was to identify, and promote to Standard status a core set of FIPA specifications.  The X2S has completed these activities and the committee has been dissolved.

2. Organisation and Contacts


Fabio Bellifemine (Telecom Italia Lab)


Jonathan Dale (Fujitsu Labs of America) and Steven Willmott (EPFL)

Chair Email


Fabio Bellifemine (Telecom Italia Lab)



Mailing List

3. Documents (current version)

Work Plans

[f-wp-00021] FIPA X2Standard Workplan  (Initial Version 2002/02/15)


Template for Submitting Comments


Minutes from Pensacola Meeting


Minutes from Helsinki Meeting


Minutes from Vancouver Meeting


Minutes from Lausanne Meeting


List of Symbols defined in the FIPA Specifications


Experimental Specifications with changes approved in Vancouver, Helsinki and Pensacola

4. Milestones


TC Milestones


A request for comments will be kept open until one week before the 26th meeting.  All comments arriving before this date will be taken into account.


Specifications ready for promotion to Standard status.

5. Remit

No new FIPA specifications will be generated by this activity. The scope is in fact limited to improving Experimental specifications by reconciling them through removing ambiguities and inconsistencies.

6. Status

The Technical Committee has been formed at the 24th FIPA meeting in Lausanne, February 2002. A request for comments will be kept open until one week  before the 26th meeting (Helsinki, 22 - 26 July, 2002).  All comments arriving before this date will be taken into account.  The template in the list of documents should be used for submitting comments.

In the next 3 meetings all received comments will be analyzed. At the end of the 27th meeting (Pensacola, 14-19 October, 2002), the identified specifications will be ready to submit for promotion to Standard status.

7. How to Contribute

Comments on the existing experimental specifications can be submitted to by using this template.

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