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Renato Levy rlevy@i-a-i.com
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 11:47:07 -0500

my two cents...(in whatever currency you feel like)

First of all, I agree with Marc-Philippe when he asks for a version number 
instead of date, but I would like to consider a version number that does 
include date such as 030224-1.1-1.02 the format for such a composed version 
number would <yymmdd-new version number-previous version number>. The 
reason to include the previous version number is to facilitate the 
coordination of distrbuted file alteration without a centralized version 

Second on the issue of formal semantics, I would like to agre with both 
Radovan  and Marc-Philippe. Radovan is right when he affirms that nobody 
looks at formal semantics, and as him I don't know if I can really remmeber 
enough to do it right. On the other side, i agree that since we intend to 
be setting a standard, formalization is a necessary step (maybe the last one).

Personally, I would be delited if Marc-Philippe can help me formalize the 
sections in which I'm involved after the natural language definition has 
been agreed upon.

At 04:11 PM 2/24/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Radovan Cervenka wrote:
> > My skepticism about formal
> > methods results from the fact that they are not used in practice (in the
> > software development) too much, they are not used in OMG standards, most
> > people do not understand them, etc. But if we will see them useful, we can
> > put them into FIPA specification. Marc-Philippe, I'm looking forward to 
> your
> > examples.
>I understand well your skepticism, I just want to reflect what I see in agent
>community each time I present something around Agent UML, yes, interesting but
>what about semantics? If I don't know the semantics, I can use it wrongly, 
>It is important to tease people from formal methods and it is easily done 
>if we
>have some formal description of what we do
> > > > * Goal & soft goals (Radovan Cervenka)
> >
> > Yes, Tropos (GRL, i*) was considered to be one (important) source. Can you
> > please give me some ideas based on your work? Thank you.
>Yes, sure! Actually, my first concern about Tropos goals is the expressivity
>then I heard from Paolo Giorgini that Tropos goal diagrams are only used in
>requirement engineering, so, it is not a problem if they are not too accurate,
>I considered another approach, not a radical divergence but more an extension.
>Today is busy day for me, certainly tomorrow.
>Marc-Philippe Huget
>Agent Applications, Research and Technology Group
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