[Modeling] interaction diagrams

Radovan Cervenka rce@whitestein.com
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:42:23 +0100

> Radovan, I think you missed the point. That document, as I understood, is
> not suposed to be the final but rather the start stone for our
> modifications, this is probably why it looks like so much to UML 2.0.
> Jim, correct me if I'm wrong!

Renato, Jim, and others,

I know that Interaction Diagrams document is not the final version. I just
wanted to identify some important facts: it is >95% UML 2.0,
inappropriateness of building UML profile at this stage, naming coincidences
with UML, and idea of using Collaborations.

BTW By solving the UN-SC problem, I think also about multiobjects in more
details. Probably in next few days I come up with some ideas about handling
of multiobjects, identification/adding/deleting of particular objects or set
of objects from multiobjects, multicast messages, specific "dynamic"
dependencies between lifelines, etc. ... all in the sequence diagrams.


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