[Modeling] The homogeneousness between human and agent( society and MAS).

James Odell email@jamesodell.com
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:59:32 -0500

Dear Yanqi (as well as Radovan Cervenka, Misty Nodine, Massimo Cossentino,
and Hong Zhu),

> Does anyone think about the underlying homogeneousness between human
> being (society) and software agent (MAS, Multi-Agent System)?
> I believe we can learn much from sociology.(Just as "object" is an old
> concept that has been studied many years in philosophy.) Human can be
> looked as the most autonomous entity in the world. And we all know
> that one of the most important properties of agent is autonomy.
> While MABS(Multi-Agent Based Simulation) is focusing on appling software
> agent to social simulation, why not consider appling social agent to
> MAS?
> As a modelling language, AUML may contribute to such a problem.
> It will be a good fortune for me to discuss with you.

This is primarily the goal for the "Social Aspect" modeling area.  See
Having said that, there is little or no work on this  "Social Aspect"
document.  I ask that you and others on the team start suggesting topics
(and even outlines) of what should go into this document.