[Modeling] Agent-oriented: why is it necessary?

Ricardo Sanz Ricardo.Sanz@etsii.upm.es
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 07:45:28 +0100

Hi All,

It is known that discussions about necessity are always difficult :-)

The case for agent-based construction is stronger where there is a need of
strong ecapsulation of semiautonomous behavior. The best example I know
is a distributed control system (DCS).

A control loop is a paradigmatical task for an agent
(sense-perceive-act) and
being part of a large structure like a DCS forces -by nature, so to say- an
agent-based approach.

In fact these people were building these type of systems much before the
term "agent" was common in mainstream software.



yan qi wrote:

>Dear all,
>After reading lots of papers on agent technology, I
>have to ask myself this question: is agent-oriented
>a necessary technology, or as AgentLink says, an 
>enabling technology for next generation software?
>To answer this question, both academic and practical
>reasons should be put forward. Yes, we can say agent
>is autonomous and proactive. But can we show a 
>working example that is can not be well developed
>by existing software development methodologies?
>I believe this question is hard to answer in a simple
>way. Do you think so?
>I like to listen whatever you say.
>Best regards,
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