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Press Release

Adaptive Agents Boost Supply Network Flexibility,
Brief by Forrester Research, Inc.


Posted, March 22, 2002, by FIPA Secretariat

Forrester Research, Inc., in Massachusetts has written a Tech Strategy Brief entitled Adaptive Agents Boost Supply Network Flexibility.  FIPA was interviewed for contributions to this paper and is also cited in the standards with most of the FIPA platforms being present in the Forrester study.  The paper takes an interesting analysis of existing applications and illustrates the contribution agents can bring to the field of Supply Networks.

A full copy of this Brief, as well as the supporting spreadsheet are available at the Forrester website.  Non-clients of Forrester will need to register as visitors prior to gaining access to the brief by simply filling out and submitting this form.

FIPA Members may click here to access the Brief directly through the Membersí Lounge.


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