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Adapting to Supply Network Change
March 2002 Forrester Report


Posted, March 22, 2002, by FIPA Secretariat

Forrester Research, Inc. in Massachusetts has written a TechStrategy Report entitled Adapting to Supply Network Change. This study highlights that existing manufacturing supply networks lack sense-and-response capabilities.  Over the next decade, winners will use X Internet, Web services, and agent-based software to help these networks continually adapt to change.

Forrester mentions that: “While OMG and W3C are working on agent interoperability standards, FIPA’s interagent communication standards have been gaining the most traction amongst vendors and the user community.”

A full copy of this report is available at the Forrester website.  Non-clients of Forrester will need to register as visitors prior to gaining access to this report by simply filling out and submitting this form.

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